Giant purposeful neural pathways being built

I have been building the foundation for a purposeful infrastructure for quite some time. Living begins with access to these pathways for a guy like me, kidnapped and frequently hijacked by impulse.

Joyfully, most of the foundation we have laid is now starting to come together in a network of purposefulness. Movement and actions I could not do without physical assistance and lots of joyful and loving external prompting are becoming somewhat natural.

Loving being a beast at climbing with Stephanie and Andrew of the Spiral Movement Center. Joyful to follow the instructions and put a badass Lego car together with LeeAnn. I’m over the moon to blow Erica away with my controlled and manly chest press.

I have been doing a lot of visualizing motor actions that I know how to do theoretically and haven’t been able to do on my own yet. It is definitely paying off! On top of the foundation that has been built step by step, layer by layer, I am paving my purposeful highways.



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