Belief is so Key

Have been asked recently why I can’t communicate on my letter board if someone new holds it. While this is a complex question, I will attempt to explain it here from my perspective.

In this blog, I am going to go back to calling my body “Rocky” for the sake of distinguishing the impulsive identity that is outwardly seen most of the time from Jordyn, the brilliant wordsmith and card that you get when I am purposefully spelling my thoughts with a trained Communication and Regulation Partner.

I only can be purposeful when my partner supports me in keeping Rocky at bay. Good partnership is built over time. I think Rocky has to know always that my partner will keep me purposeful and focused on the task at hand, or impulsive Rocky will run amok.

I believe that belief and confidence are the most important keys to a good partnership. Belief in each other and ourselves. Confidence in each other and ourselves. Add in some fun and being good to each other always and a team is unstoppable.

I am lucky to have built this kind of partnership with a few people. It is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Good partnership comes with dedicated practice, intention, and joyful belief.

I’d welcome comments and questions and input from my peers here to help distinguish this even more for people.



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