Let’s be creative and Autastic!

I love that my peeps want to contribute to this blog I’ve created. Asking for submissions and allowing people’s self-expression an accepting and eager audience is so darn fulfilling.

I truly am inspired by this dude. Autastic Tom is the coolest and I hope you take his words to heart.

There is a huge misconception that many people have about autistics. That we absorb all kinds of factual information, but can’t, or don’t have the desire to express ourselves creatively or artistically. This is far from the truth, at least for me and the many autistics I know. Sure, it may be easier for many of us to spout out facts about our favorite subject than it is for us to write a poem, but that does not, by any means, indicate a lack of ability or desire. Acquiring the ability to express myself creatively has improved my life in many ways. Having a creative outlet is a way for me to convey my feelings and emotions in a healthy and appropriate way. Instead of letting them bottle up inside of me and burst out at an inappropriate time.

One of the ways I express myself creatively is through making videos. Over a year ago, I decided to start a YouTube channel, Autastic Tom. It has been a great way for me to deal with my emotions, all while advocating for myself and others with autism, and hopefully serving as a source of encouragement for autistics and their families. It is important, though, that people know that many hours of work go into making each video. This includes time spent brainstorming ideas, writing a script, planning and getting any needed supplies, practicing, filming and editing. Only the best clips are used in the final production. This is a long, tedious, and often difficult process, but it is one that I always feel is worth it. It is therapeutic for me to release my creative ideas and emotions, and also extremely rewarding when I am able to help others.

My most recent creative challenge for myself is to write an original piece of music. Playing music that I have heard before comes quite easily to me, but coming up with an original tune is a challenge. I encourage everyone, not just autistics, to challenge themselves creatively. It is a healthy practice for everyone. And for family, educators, and communication partners to be patient and encouraging, knowing that for anyone, difficulty or frustration with something rarely suggests a lack of desire. 

– Tom Pruyn

Check out this episode of Autastic Tom…

… now you get why he is the coolest! Subscribe and continue to enjoy his creativity and greatness. One day I will be this cool (wink).


4 thoughts on “Let’s be creative and Autastic!

  1. crocker42

    I just love all your visiting contributors. I watched “Autastic Tom’s” third video, and am really impressed with his strong willingness to help typically learn to be kind. We should know this, but I guess when encountering someone who does not behave as we expect someone “should” behave, we get nervous, and with some people this translates into unkindness. We all need to learn to be kind to each other, autistic or typical. The world would be totally transformed if everyone put themselves out there to increase kindness in one another. Thank you Tom for your insights.

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