Good loving people let our voices shine

Having Mommy work so diligently with other families like ours is letting me be a great asset to the World. Going back to the beginning with these students, but with all the learning we have done together makes Mom a very powerful Communication and Regulation Partner.

Just remembering how rough it was for us when we started and so glad these families have local support. Love meeting the caring and devoted parents learning to be Communication Partners for their family members.

I think it is great to see not only their partnership in communication grow, but to see their relationships change and evolve. From concerned caretaker they evolve into powerful advocating partner. From being responsible for to instilling responsibility in their family member. From being their family member’s voice to joyfully empowering their family member’s self-expression and self-determination.

Loving Mommy will always go to the ends of the Earth (not literally) to unleash the true voices of the non, minimally, and unreliably speaking community.


How is good angel to go about living a human life

I have said it before listen to my experience of life while suspending your disbelief. I can only share myself in hopes that it makes an impact where wanted and needed.

Joy is playing powerfully to transform this cynical and fear-filled world.

I love how I can touch someone’s life glowing with pure love and make their fears or suffering lessen. Having a special connection to the power of love has given me many insights and opportunities to refine my glow. It has been very difficult to not want to help everyone… and I do mean everyone.

Learning to take care of myself has been a real process of untangling what is me from everyone else’s emotions. Learning to harness my power and proactively versus reactively use it has been a lot of work.

Thankful for those who have supported me, and continue to support me, on my journey. This is going to be one heck of a novel and road map, if I ever get to writing it.


Leave your idea of a good time…

I have been to many gatherings. 100% I have started to work out what types of things I can and can’t participate in. I share my findings with you as information you can bring to conversations with your autistic family member or friend.

My ideal gathering is small, intimate, and unstructured. Joy is hanging out with pals, even if that means we talk a little then we do our own thing for a while. Joy is just BEING with them.

I live for deep discussion and joyful silly banter. I love to empower others to share their thoughts as we don’t often get to do this with our peers.

I think sometimes parties are created as my peers and their parents so need to have that “typical” event. Love my pals who keep their parties simple and loose so everyone can participate as they wish and as they can.

I think it is essential to get clear about what your autistic family member or student truly wants. We want our parent to be happy because they do so much for us. Your suggestions of event ideas are thus lovely, but maybe not going to result in the party we want. Luckily my mom is always checking to ensure I am not people pleasing.

Let’s empower our peers to express their true wants and not people please to take care of their parent’s wants to give their kids a typical party. Who is that really about? Just saying.

Listening powerfully,