Passionate and quite angelic with me

I have quite a hard time with storms.  The pressure is war on my muscles and joints.  I ache all over.

This weekend sucked with the constant rain of ice pellets.  Quite a cacophony of aches and soreness.  Body control is always less when I hurt.  I needed lots of down time.

Always helpful Mommy gave me homeopathics, pressure, and a lot of patience and love.  Sometimes too much patience when she should walk away from my positively seesaw demolition man body.

Yes, for ways to support me.  I love when my friends help me with my unruly body.  No, I do not want to harm anyone.  So friends, and Mommy, need to sometimes go away and let me deal.




Angels so peacefully walk among us

Being connected by a common thread for all we love and hate requires so much energy.

Now going to occasions where many angels gather, is getting tougher on me.  Especially those angels who are unaware of their true selves and are being told who they are by those that love them.

My parents accept and support my loving angelic self, while gauging all I want to accomplish against the energetic toll on me.

Less angels would not be as sensitive to talk of guest in their space.  I lose energy with any negativity or being hard on oneself.  Good thing I can tell those I love to chill out.

Mommy looks like she is chill, but that is good facade so she can play so nice with just love.  Underneath she is always questioning her value.

I am so lucky to witness the moments when all goes quiet in her busy mind and she is only present.

Being my Communication Partner or my proxy during a presentation are two of those times.  She becomes a conduit through which communication is delivered.  My Mom is a kick ass presenter and Communication Partner because she prioritizes the communication over her thought, feelings, and ego.  Simply put, she gets herself completely out of the way.

I lucked out to have such an angel of a Mommy.  Being given the space to create my mission and life as happily as I want has me create big and play big.  You should keep watching this space.


Awareness is Monday, Action is rest of year!

Today was Autism Awareness Day.  What do you think about that?  I am so tired of awareness, without effective action.

Nothing changes without action.

Take a moment and be captivated by the awesomeness of someone you are connected to that is on the spectrum. You see, the best action you can take to be more aware is to have a one-on-one conversation with someone on the spectrum, and really get in their world.

Connection creates awareness, compassion, effective action, and real true friendship.

I wish for all my peers to get the supports they need to fulfill their missions in life and be wildly happy while doing it.  Support comes in many form besides Applied Behavioural Analysis, but until the powers that be can admit there isn’t just one quasi-effective approach to supporting us, nothing will change and a huge proportion of us will be under-supported.

Ok, rant over. Back to our regular program…

Lead with love, respect, and friendship next time you encounter an autistic person.  We will be grateful for the action, and you may be greatly blessed.


Each day is right in reference to recharging.

My body is easily wiped.  With controlling impulses, angelically helping others energetically, managing to be productive, and riffing on Facebook comments, my export of my limited energy is huge.  If I don’t balance this with some good recharge time the first thing to go is body control.

You know what it feels like when you have the flu and a trip to the fridge wipes you out?  Well, try living that way for extended periods of time and you get a glimpse of my world.

Mommy is constantly attempting to find the balance point for me getting everything I want to accomplish done while we leave space for all that could happen.  Quite a juggling act she has going on.

We have had a few really balanced days lately and they are the best.  Then a weekend of adventure and balanced with movies.  Each day valuable in its own way.  The key is more recharge than output right now, as I recover from big adventures and crappy sickness.

Mommy is doing a really good job, and she is getting drained.  So, my request for those that love us is to be patient while WE find our balance and can give more and more to the community. Mommy is very talented and a total gift to families, and a burnt out Mommy is no good to anyone.

And we are so wanting to make a difference that can be lasting and growing.

Angelically yours,



Hope is quite real

Good really nice and helpful humans will sometimes want to manage your expectations by doing things to assuage a glimmer of hope.  This is done not cruelly, but because they don’t want to see you brokenhearted.  However, I believe this is a complete disservice to the person.

Absolutely nothing in life is guaranteed.  One method of therapy may work for one person and not another.  That is just the nature of being an individual.

Ask yourself if you trust your own inner guidance, that is the only guidance you need.

You are uniquely attuned to what is right for you and your family.  Guide from a place of really free thinking and you will surprise yourself the directions you choose to go.  You owe no one an explanation for your choices.  They will have whatever reaction they have, and that is more about them than you.

Be bold.  Live free.  Do what feels right for you.  No excuses and no explanations required.



Please Have Compassion

No really good things can happen without compassion.

Without compassion you can not listen without your guided nonsense – otherwise known as the opinions, justifications, and filters that warn you of impending danger.  Danger, in a conversation, just isn’t bad the way getting slapped in the face is.

How can you really see someone or hear what they are saying through your nonsense?  Wanting to totally be a really spectacular friend, spouse, co-worker, etc. means actively putting your nonsense to the side and being present.  Powerful listening is an action of compassion and vision beyond real value, sacrificing our nonsense allows for understanding and building a trusting foundation.  It says “I’m a strong person and I get you.”

Love is being able to set aside your nonsense and be with another, willing to be vulnerable and real.  Let’s up our compassion, especially for those we would tend to judge or avoid.  That is one action that can make a humongous impact.

Who will you exercise your compassion muscle with today?



All Communication is Good Communication

Quite a whirlwind of a week.

I am so happy that so many people were excited about a group on Facebook where families of kids and people like me could connect.  Family is important and I consider my fellow non, minimally, and unreliably speaking good friends to be family.

I want us all to be able to connect and unite.  Our common and different pasts all brought us to a place where we can now be beacons for others who lack doing as we do – communicating letter by letter not with our mouths.

I am disappointed that some seem to think it is ok to mess with a 14 and 21 year old’s wish for inclusiveness with our peers and their families.  Who does that?

I get people have a strong allegiance for method and/or provider.  The one that worked to unleash their voice.  Makes sense and is all good except when your foolish devotion blinds you to the bigger picture.

My point is to have your devotion and your peers too, takes getting that communication unleashed is our common goal, and to get on board for THAT.  Then, and only then, will we be a virtually unstoppable force.  The conversations about method will come after the current barricades of non-belief are shifted.  The method will be “what works for the individual” not a prescription.

I love all the providers of the different methods but if I owe my ability to communicate to anyone, that person is my Mom.  She has stood by my side, powerfully listening for my self-expression, endured day-in-and day-out assaults from my pinch happy hands, and has had questions directly from people who don’t see the big picture and has always continued to stand for my, and everyone’s, right to communication and self-expression.

Maybe it is time for the subject matter experts to take a stand.  Ask yourself, or your child or student, what they think and allow for them to lead your actions.  Or just be a good human and get out of the way.





Hirsch Rocks!

I am so glad I got to visit Hirsch Academy last week.

Everything I dreamed a school should be, it is.  The playground is off the chain, the building is beautiful, and the classrooms are amazing.

The best thing though is the gracious and caring hearts of the teachers.  Each member of the faculty do really believe in their students.  They see past the outward manifestations of autism and listen for the beautiful being inside.  They nurture who the kids are and what they each need to fulfill their goals in life.

If understanding differences is a skill, they are masters of that skill.

Autism is a spectrum and I met kids from across the spectrum on the playground.  All joyful, all fully supported, and all so amazing.

Sleep was so hard on Monday because I was so feeling the anticipation of my visit on Tuesday.  And I so did not want to leave when we were there.

A shining beacon of acceptance, love, and fostering greatness.

I love you Hirsch Academy!


Without love there is nothing

by Graciela Lotharius & Jordyn Pallett, 28-Feb-2018
collaboratively written alternating lines Graciela & Jordyn, starting with Graciela
* Find more from Graciela at*

There is love in the air.
Just don’t be a thinker; be a feeler.
When we think, we stop feeling things as they are meant to be felt.
We get in the way of our heart being fulfilled by others and we almost surely dampen our joy.
Love is available to all of us, but some choose not to let it into their hearts.
Can you imagine living your life so closed to others?
When we close ourselves off we stop making the effort to really own our gifts we are supposed to share with others.
Being vulnerable is sometimes scary but we don’t get to always experience the joy if we don’t take the risk.
Risks must be the stepping stone to sure and lovely love that is beautiful.
No great reward ever is because a person believed they were unworthy.
Worthiness is self identified and must be the number one quality on your many lists.
You are worthy. Believe it. Now go be vulnerable with the one you want in your life because the payoff is magical.


You are so blessed

For each and every being touched by a person with autism –

You are so blessed.  An angel is in your midst.  You are deeply loved and put up with.  You are totally chosen as a nurturer and guide for these deeply loving souls sent to bring joy and peace to the always messed up World.

To be a person with autism is to be deeply and profoundly connected by the heart.  To find each friends joy and help them connect with their own heart.  Being with us you can tap into your joy, fulfillment, and ease of wanting for a loving World.  All autistics are waiting for you to connect.  We get you love us and we thus put up with your disconnectedness.

Quit trying to have us fit into your paradigm of a great life.  Empower our purpose and you will experience love, fulfillment and joy that you didn’t know was possible.  Step out of your comfortable paradigm, and into the magical paradigm we are bringing forth.

Special needs is what you have, not us.

You have an opportunity to experience so much, but are in your own way.  Keep identifying your limiting beliefs and letting them go.  There is a World to be discovered.  Follow you heart and your gut.  Be compassionate and open.  Expand your capacity to accept and connect.

We are waiting.