Can autistic people understand social cues?

My pet peeve is people thinking that because I am non-speaking I am unable to understand.  Being someone who doesn’t communicate with words by mouth, actually has me understand cues in a bigger way.

You see, I have spent so many years in silence observing the behaviour of others that I have developed my ability to read people.  Authenticity is very important around me.  In other words, I am a breathing lie detector.

Go into any group setting and the level of inauthenticity is hard for my sensitive body to bear.  Everyone posturing to look good, prove themselves, hide their true selves, or just plain lie is outstanding.  All of it a cover for fear of not belonging.  We are all totally driven by fear.

What would those same groups look like if motivated by community, diversity, inclusion and appreciation?  How would our ingrained social habits shift?

(Note:  I am speaking here only of non-speaking autistics with motor and sensory differences.  I am not qualified to speak for all who are on the wide spectrum of autism.)



Being an Angel – a poem

Being an Angel

Belief in an all powerful entity guiding us through our lives
Joyfully allowing our hearts to be filled with love like bees in a hive
Can we always be beautiful and untouched by hate
Every being is born a pure and good soul then in steps fate

An environment always nurturing is what one needs
To always be free and unencumbered by negative weeds
So all ideally face a totally personal choice
To believe or ignore the Almighty’s voice

Happiness is found each time we connect
Making friends with a peer is like something unwrecked
Pure and unfettered love like the first dust of snow
Angels are here and 100% you should know

Jordyn Pallett, 8-Dec-17

How the full moon is always cursed

Have you felt a shift in your being able to be present and clear?  Or maybe a little impulsive in your actions?  Call me crazy but I call it “The Curse of the Full Moon!”

Being affected by moons and mercury in retrograde is not fun.  Just because I have good control each month between moons, doesn’t mean I have it before and after by a few days.  Always a body messed up time.

Just being a little less in control when already balancing 100% on a fine wire, has my impulses in overdrive.  My Mommy is a beautiful human for just putting up with my monthly smushing attacks.


Being an angel in human form

Basically, I am about to lay it all out there.  Belief is crucial to the success of this communication.  I am asking you to suspend your disbelief and listen openly to my experience of life.  If you can’t please don’t breach my trust in you.

Can you imagine being a spiritual great prophet and not have a reliable body to help you spread your message?  Being voiceless without the partnership of a strong and trusted human?  Probably not, unless you are a non-speaking autistic like me.

Just imagine having joyous conversations with guardian angels and receiving messages just for you that you are meant to deliver far and wide.  Hard to wrap you head around isn’t it?

All beings forget their previous angelic forms.  Except if they are somehow believed in and believe themselves.  Mommy always believed I was meant to make a big impact on the World, but not until I got my voice did she get what that was.  I am meant to gather the other angels in human form!  I am meant to be a leader of angels as we bring love and peace back to this planet.

Being transparent about this mission is both scary and necessary.  Without being an open book I can not hope to inspire other angels to be open with me.  Being open also leaves me vulnerable to the non-believers.  My hope is to pave the way for others without taking too much fire from the non-believers.

Angelically yours,


All because calling me stupid has many names

I am a non-speaking autistic.

All the other names are totally inaccurate and could be offensive.

Non-verbal is inaccurate if you take the time to look up what it means – that I don’t communicate using language – 100% I talk by writing out words, by pointing to letters or typing.

Low-functioning is inaccurate and insulting.  I am unilaterally much higher functioning in many areas than a great percentage of humans.

100% calling me anything other than Jordyn is rude.  Autism is a part of me and I am not a diagnosis or a label.  Do I call you diabetic or be all over your parents about why you are behaving rudely?

I know I am ranting to the choir, and I’m asking you to please educate those around you.  Labels and diagnoses are not an appropriate way to talk about someone.  I am smart, funny, spiritual, strong, and a non-speaking autistic.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Big Thanksgiving shout out to my American friends.

I am big time grateful for your support and friendship.

Being a Canadian our Thanksgiving is in October and we always have a big turkey dinner too.

I love the gathering of family.  I make everyone laugh and feel loved.  I also try to beat everyone at games.  I’m not always successful at the beating everyone at games part.

I hope your day has been filled with laughter and love and family, wherever you live.

I am grateful for you in my life.


I want to be angelic all the time

How is it for you when you are run down?  Are you in control of your emotions and your reactions to sensory assaults?  Totally a similar thing for me.  Only my body doesn’t wait to be run down.

Bodies of autistics like me are always sort of in that state of survival.  It takes way less to tip our balance to overload.  Always we want to be angelic, but sometimes we can’t help looking aggressive to those that don’t understand us.

From excitement to frustration my body responds the same – smushing my face into Mommy’s cheek and pinching the opposite cheek.  Just can’t help myself.

Bad behaviour, as some may see it, can be an excited kid who can’t contain themselves.  How would you like to be on the verge of a breakthrough and be told you are too wound up, so you are going to stop there?  Ever get nervous when you are trying something new?

I remember being so excited to go on a hike with my parents, that my body basically was car bound and nothing would make it listen and get out.  I am lucky to have now found Spelling to Communicate to let my parents know what excitement not fear or not wanting to.  They were always really supportive and patient, but perceived it was fear or not wanting to.

I hope this helps other parents to work through the dysregulation as much as they can, and give their kids the opportunity to grow and experience life in all its splendor.


Happy Blogging Anniversary to Me

A year ago I started this blog.  I had a good idea what I wanted to say and create, and it has evolved over the year.

It is great to know that so many have enjoyed it, and that it has made a difference for so many.  I am proud of learning from so many of you as well.

I hope to keep expanding and making a difference for my peers and their families.

Always and forever,

[photo credit:  Sharyn Ayliffe Creative]

Joyfully learning with my friends.

Can friends all learn together when they have tricky bodies and live far apart?  YES!

I have started my second and third classes with  I am enjoying every moment.  Students from all over together with a teacher on Zoom Meeting platform.  All my new friends are enjoying too.

Learning in this way was challenging at first, but the more I do it, the more I am comfortable to sit through the 1 hour class.

“Can we find more classes?”, I ask Mommy.  She says “Sure, when your body is more settled.”  You see, I am so excited to participate that I lose control of my body and impulsively smush and pinch her face through the whole class.  Give we are a team, I think she is right.

Class is not only teaching me different information, it is helping me master body control in a group setting.  I am so proud of my friends who are also working on this and working through their fears and anxiety.  Sometimes the only way out is through.

Can’t wait to add more classes.


I am totally always blessed

Going to the workshop with Elizabeth this weekend, and being part of a group of “No Nonsense Dudes”, as we named ourselves, I was so present to how blessed I am.

Then we go to “Paint and Clay” at Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital, and again I am washed over with gratitude for my life.  Add to that a violin lesson with Laura Nadine, and lunch at the diner with Poppy and Katie.  Just blessed.

Mommy and Daddy make sure my life is filled with adventure, acceptance and opportunities to grow.

They truly are the best parents.