My Team

My Team of Really Wonderful Supports

NPT Collage.jpgNatural Play Therapy – Autistically Inclined
I love the always dearly angelic Julie Sando.  She has taken everything she has learned from years of being trained to work with autistics and let “the rules” go trusting her gut.  The result is a space where each individual is respected and each family gets to create a program that fits them.  Families need to be more natural and therapy can be fun and easy.  Just be adventurous and give Julie a call, you won’t be pressured because that just isn’t in Julie’s DNA.

Growing Kids

Growing Kids Therapy Center
My beautifully gifted Goddess of Spelling to Communicate, Elizabeth Vosseller, heads up a cracker jack team of joyfully great young minds.  They bring voices to beings trapped in uncontrollable bodies and community where there was solitude.  If you want your self-expression unleashed contact them.

Spiral Collage

Spiral Movement Center
Yuji, Stephanie and their team are some of the most special people around.  They are magical with movement that engages my purposeful motor.  They listen and are truly gifted individuals.  I wish they could clone themselves and spread across the planet.  If you want to be inspired hang out with these humans.

enlightened audio

Enlightened Audio – Laura Nadine
To work with Laura is a true gift.  It is hard to express what being coached by her is like.  Closest I can come is to say it is like being with an angel who gets it.  For me learning violin seemed impossible, but little by little i get better.  A great purposeful practice for me.  Please check her out.

intuitivehealercoach disc logo-u1387Intuitive Healer Coach – Kyle Sutton
My connection with Kyle has taught me everything about my being an angel in human form.  His guidance and support have turned the unimaginably confusing things I have experienced into my greatest strengths.  Just being an angel is completely confusing until someone helps you navigate and understand.  Kyle was born to guide us and our parents.  Please access his brilliance for you and your angels.

uptown logoUptown Studio – Judith Dack – Anat Baniel Method
Just so amazing to have the opportunity to work with Judith.  The beautiful way she teaches my brain with gentle movements and attention is mind blowing.  Snow and sleet wouldn’t keep me away from my time with her.  Anat Baniel Method lessons always leave me more grounded and in my body.  Find a practitioner near you.

drew osteopathy logoDrew Osteopathy – Tara Drew
God gave Tara a truly magnificent gift.  My life transformed when she started working on me.  Being slow to detoxify is a burden that has plagued my ability to focus and be productive.  Being quick to tire from adrenal stress is a rel bummer.  Tara works on my clogged liver and spent adrenals and I am a new man.  Find an Osteopath of her caliber in your area.

dfc logoDufferin Family Chiropractic
Dr. Mark, Dr. Trevor, Dr. Jess and their team keep my carefully constructed spinal column in alignment so my spinal cord can do its job. Caring, patient, and super smart fair people they always manage to make me feel at home.

YES, I feel blessed to work with these folks and others.  Keeping my body fit and trim is my personal trainer Erica Scobie, the body whisperer.  Give Erica a call or email to help a personal trainer in your area work with your uncontrollable body.

Want to figure out an energetic mystery or be restored too balance?  Contact Dr.  Roth.

Just needing some advice and love as a parent and playfully wanting to really up your game of understanding, love, and listening?  Contact my Mom at Spread Your Wings.

Being passionate about friendship and creating opportunities for purposeful activities are my pals Katie and LeeAnn.

More to be added soon