From Jordyn’s Mom

After 13 years as a boy with autism only being able to communicate his direct needs (e.g. I want juice, etc.), Jordyn has truly found his full self-expression and is communicating via a letter board to share all that he is and all that he has to offer to the world.

Everything you will see in this blog is directed by him (except this post).  I only scribe his thoughts.  We are just starting to develop his typing skills so soon he will be directly creating his blog posts.

Expect a new blog post at least every Monday.

We welcome feedback, questions, and encourage sharing and will respond in a timely manner (on Jordyn time).

Thank you for your listening, support, and encouragement – Kelli 

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Auntie Sarah

    Can it be Monday everyday please? ?
    Auntie sarah isn’t known for her patience when waiting for AMAZING stuff like this!!
    Is there a bigger word than just ‘love ‘ you?


    1. You are very demanding. I like it. How about I always post on Monday to keep your anxiety in check. Otherwise, you will be no use to anyone and Uncle Steve will be a complete mess. You are the glue and without you things spiral out of control.

      Love you so much, Jordyn


  2. You know, the Ancient Greeks had more than one word for love to express different types of love. The Inuit say “Iktsuarpok” to describe the feeling of waiting for a loved one. I think it would be amazing if we had that in English, don’t you?


  3. William's mom

    Hi. We met you briefly in Niagara Falls as we were leaving the hotel after our first RPM sessions with Elizabeth. We asked about your beautiful dog.

    I’m wondering when you first tried RPM?

    Also, Jordyn, your blog is making a difference in our lives. Thanks for working so hard to give us answers and insight.


    1. Good to hear from you. i started RPM in june 2015, but really started making progress after our first workshop with Elizabeth Vosseller in March 2016. I took ground quickly after EV gave mommy pointers and confidence. I hope you are doing well and William is enjoying Spelling to Communicate. My mommy is being trained by EV to help more kids like william and I, so if you want some extra love and support just ask. Hope to see you again soon.



  4. Sofia Ridaeus

    Hi Jordyn,
    My 12-yr-old daughter with autism (Ellen), me and her dad have just made our first steps in starting our RPM journey. We – me and dad – have seen your Jordyn Rocky Journey film on YouTube and we are very touched by it. Thank you for your courage and generosity to share your struggles. I have shared it with as many as possible. That film explains so much about autism that so many people – parents, teachers, therapists of all kinds – have no idea about. We live in Sweden and we will try to spread to word of RPM in our country. I will follow your blog, I love it!
    My warmest regards,
    Sofia Ridaeus


    1. Sofia,
      I am so glad you found my blog.
      You and Ellen are now on my special people list.
      You will be 100% successful at your mission to inspire others in Sweden to start spelling to communicate.
      Your partner and friend,


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