Good Grief! I did a number on myself.

I do not recommend tripping over your own feet!

I managed this oh so not story worthy feat (pun intended) on my Mom’s birthday and WOW did I do a number on myself. I will keep this short but needed to let you know that I will be keeping quiet for a while.

Landing on ones arms when falling forward results in trips to ER, multiple x-rays (I am a champion x-ray patient), lots of worry, one radial head fracture in my primary “speaking” elbow, big ass bruises on both arms leading to reduction in output because oh so flipping achy to point.

I am super thankful for my new bone doc that let us come in and check my left side yesterday, which is only a degree less painful than my right. And that this type of fracture means no cast (despite how badass that might have looked).

So I ache along keeping my loquaciousness in check, and make the most of the words I do use. Lots of appreciation being gained for my peers with more compromised motor than I have. I feel ya peeps!

I will be back when each poke doesn’t hurt, or the lesson I am getting to share is worth the effort.


Good being goal and mission focussed!

I think if I didn’t have my loving pleasant Mom to help me through the last little while I would have been a bigger blob or mess. This is a shout out to those that give of themselves freely to let good charges shine.

Letting go of societal goals and expectations, or familial ones, or personal ones to create an expectationless clearing in which the seed that we are meant to be can grow without hinderance is no easy feat. I love that Mom confronts her comparison demons, adopted beliefs from family and society, and intentionally questions what is in service of what I/we are creating.

Joy, Peace, and Love can’t exist when on the hamster wheel of doing what is expected of you, especially when against your inner knowing of what is best. I think a lot of good humans would be happier if they got present to, and acted consistent with, what brings them Joy, Peace, and Love. Much like our ability to be present to when we have had enough to eat has been lost, so has that inner trust of ourselves been lost in the face of seeking external approval and acceptance.

Joy, Peace, and Love are a creation! They are created from within.


No comparisons

As another school year begins, and everyone is dealing with what will that look like this year and worrying about how it will impact their children’s future, I am reminded that education is in the journey not the regurgitation of facts.

I think the kids of today are learning plenty about being compassionate to the needs of others, rising above challenges they are faced with, and hopefully expressing their needs and limits.

I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. I learn about what I am interested in, while taking care of myself. Lots of rites of passage could be something to think I am being deprived of with my homeschool life. If I thought that way I would miss the delights of the journey I am on. Lots of societal expectations might smother my true passions and mission.

Making great choices is the true journey of education. Choices of who to be lovingly interacting with others. Choices of how to give of oneself to forward the social consciousness of humankind. Choices of where to create boundaries such that you can be effective at what you are up to. Choices of where to say no!

I love my life, and while others may judge it, it is mine to design and fulfill free from societal expectations and the need to conform. No pleasing anyone but myself and no bending to the will or beliefs of another. I am proud to be me!


Image credit:  Thomas B. from Pixabay 

Challenging myself to create new strategies

Doing things to filter all the input my system receives has been a huge relief through the years. You would call these things self-stimulatory behaviours, I call them a refuge.

I am forever thankful that I was not forced to stop these harmless activities because some professional thought they limited my ability to relate to the world. It is, for me, the opposite! Creating these strategies allowed me to get myself able to interact with others. They supported a calming of my sensory system enough so I could joyfully experience connecting with others.

I am happy to say that as I have been able to integrate my mind, body, and soul I am less needy of the habitual strategies I have used for many years. Now it is a matter of retraining my silly body to not be so dependent and impulsive. Just like with any habit this takes immense discipline, compassion, and a big dose of good, pleasant, and inspiring alternatives.

I’m happy to report I am kicking the iPad habit. I’m taking on something else next. Lots of partnership is needed to calmly make these transitions as the patterns of impulsive behaviours are deeply rooted. Not a one man job to manage this tricky body!

Being released from the tether of these habits will allow me the freedom to create more age-appropriate strategies. I think I will always need ways to calm my nervous system, but I want to be free to choose how I do that versus condemned to the good happy Baby Einstein shows for the rest of my life.

My life. My choice.


Image Caption:
Working on a head of surfer dude hair.

My next goal is to replace my drawing board strategy.

Partnership is an access to growth

In June, I gave a presentation for the Innovations in Education Conference.
I submitted a topic near and dear to my heart in the world of supporting people with sensory and motor differences like me caring to elevate the support they are getting in all areas of life. Joyfully, my idea was welcomed and celebrated.

In true Innovations form, great presentations were given by loads of Self-Advocates, Professionals, Educators, and Researchers. Attended virtually by over 400 lots of pebbles landed in ponds and are hopefully rippling outward to impact lives as we enter another school year.

I loved all the talks because people’s passion for making a difference or paying it forward leaked out of everyone. Joy always got expressed in each loving presentation. It is good to feel that from people putting their hearts into creating material to inspire others.

I felt that a conversation about what it takes to be a powerful partner to someone like me is never lost on people. There is always more that one can uncover to deepen partnership. You are never “there”, never “have made it”, and are always learning no matter how long you’ve be at this. The biggest pitfall would be any thought that begins with “I know”.

Full partnership with anyone begins with a willingness to get messy together. It grows from recognizing what is working and what isn’t, and being willing to transform in partnership. Loving the journey!

I loved that I got to do a trial run with with people near and dear to me, and they could find value in it for partnerships and relationships they are in that don’t involve someone like me. I would love to hear what you think or what you get from watching this recording. I hope it puts some ripples out there beyond my immediate reach.


Wanting to elevate your partnership with your child, students, or clients?
This interactive presentation will level up your ability to joyfully empower and be a masterful Communication Partner. Come prepared to share where you are in your partnership journey and learn what the non-speaking experts are wanting and needing. Good Communication Partnership begins with an empowering attitude, listening intentionally, and a limitless belief.

I have calmly gotten here

I love that you are open to hearing my experiences of life. I am getting more able to go inside and create glue for my body and spirit to act as one. This has been a most tiring, but totally worth it endeavour. I am “inches” away from being one.

Let’s rewind.

I have lived here in an earthly body. My essence tethered but unable to sink in fully to the lovely and handsome flesh called Jordyn.

There are lots of reasons for this disconnect that I hope to share about in future posts. I will let the rich discussion about all that be guided and trust my loving self to share when appropriate.

Living this way has allowed for my good self to maintain all that I have learned prior to incarnating here. I stay connected and informed, while my body goes about its loving day with heightened sensitivity to all things. I learn the ways of the World, but luckily as more of an observer than someone acclimating to this rule and fear based society.

I have been blessed to be given the space, freedom, and above all acceptance of my immediate environment. Being empowered to be the me that challenges the status quo, challenges and shifts the beliefs of those I touch, and plainly communicates my experience without influence of norms expected.

Living separate is coming to an end – literally for me and figuratively for humanity. Life will get happier, simpler, and logically more peaceful as we all come together in service of a life that uplifts us all and the planet.

What do you hear in what I have shared? How can you be more one with yourself? What shift would allow for more peace and simplicity for you and your immediate contacts? As we each find ourselves we create a momentum in the direction of joy, peace, and love! I will keep blowing in that direction, challenging the stagnant, and creating waves!


Image by rony michaud from Pixabay 

Change is evolution

Beginning this January I started to feel more capable and convicted about my purpose on this planet. I have been opening up more and more, little by little. I love that I have this opportunity to be here now and bring awareness of the time we are living in.

I have made a very conscious choice to share every blog and word within them. Writing each has addressed and issue or conversation I felt needed some perspective from someone like me.

I have tried to talk about the things that parents and professionals caring for someone like me would want some insight into. I have shared about my journey with a growing communication method and other ‘therapies’ that help me build control over my impulsive body, addressed questions parents have about certain ‘behaviours’, described my sensory experience, and created other autism related posts. Addtionally, I have woven in some of how I experience life beyond what some may relate to as conventional.

I have been hesitant to share about being fully me. I, and the World, have not been ready. While I could wait because the time isn’t “right”, that is more about protecting myself than creating the change that is needed in this World. Caring good humans will listen or not, my job is to share what can shift consciousness from fear to peace, hate to love, getting by to joy.

I am choosing to evolve my blog and have more of a focus on the conversation that can make more of a difference for the wider human audience. Joy and good human connections let guys and girls like me be who we truly are. I hope widening the reach of the messages I am meant to deliver will create the environment needed for more of my peers to access and share the soul messages they are meant to bring forth.

It will take something to reach critical mass and shift the paradigm we are living in. I can no longer speak to get caring loving parents moving on this journey. I get change needs an authentic willing voice to lead, and this larger conversation will create the momentum to move those parents forward.

All that being said, I know how to listen to my audience and hear what will make a difference in their listening. I can still present on good autistic topics, answer parent question, and share experience that I think are relevant and relatable. Don’t worry… I’m not going anywhere! I’m just evolving and I’m the same pleasant, goofy, sarcastic and wise teenage non-speaking autistic you’ve been following, just with some upgraded focus on my mission.


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I’m doing some Clear Advocacy

I’ve been quiet here for a while. Needing to focus the energy I have in this exhausting time on some great opportunities to make a direct difference.

I have written a lesson for a group of students to support more good attitude and healthy thinking in this challenging time. I then ran a group meeting to have fun and connect around the lesson content. For a copy of my lesson please email

I have also done a Q&A with some autistic adults around coping in these times. My pal joined me and it was awesome to be so well received. I will post the link in the comments when it is ready.

I am most proud of the work I am doing for the Innovations in Education Conference. Our trip was cancelled, and the conference postponed and taken virtual, yet the show will go on! It think this is the best conference out there to support families, professionals, and educators to empower their neurodiverse children, clients, and students. No joke!

The theme this year is Opportunities are Endless, and that can not be more true! Powered by Love and Joy the presenters and organizers have innovated, created, loved on, and joyfully been giants of transforming an
in-person conference to virtual. There has been laughter, tears, and
cringe-worthy mistakes made… and through this their eye has never left the ball – to ensure the information be available in a way that is accessible and digestible while good humans deal with all that has changed in their lives. If I had a hat on I would tip it to these magical humans!

I loved writing that first lesson so much, that I have written one to support my peers in getting the most out of the conference. I am proud to contribute my experience in hopes that it makes a difference. In addition, I wrote and directed this interview about my solo presentation on June 6th. I will also be co-presenting and on a panel on Sunday.

This is a not to miss conference, now accessible from anywhere, available to pace as you go! What could possibly stop you? Register here you won’t regret it.

Love, Joy, and Peace,

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

Can you let clever plan happen?

I am so clear that this forced isolation is for the collective good of humanity. We loved our fast paced, go go go, lifestyle where lots of doing and instant gratification meant we were contributing our part to humanity. It was the norm, and without learning another possibility we would “happily” have kept going – doing what we should, or thought we should!

Love, Peace, and Joy are only available to you when you are present – in the moment! Slowing down and taking stock of what is needed and wanted to be happy, allows for greater moments of presence – distinguishing what is important from what is unnecessary drama. Unnecessary drama that is added by you or others negatively impacts all areas of life – relationships, health, productivity and creativity, peace of mind, and your ability to think straight to name a few.

Good creative powers (insert your belief system here) set this up for us to learn to be present, to return to what is important, and to return to ourselves. Just let the grand plan unfold! Notice how you are feeling, acting, and letting good life be. These learnings will serve you, and humanity. We do not have to return to the hamster wheel of actions taking us nowhere when isolation is over, we get to choose where life goes from here.

Choosing Love, Peace, and Joy,

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Calming to be Generous

Just because it looks like I’m extra stimmy, disconnected, stuck or extra sleepy doesn’t mean I am regressing, anxious about the state of the World, or dealing with a “so called” normal sensory overload symphony.

The truth for me, and some of my peers, is that we are working very hard energetically to support you and humanity as a whole. For me, 75% of the time, my dysregulation is a result of this type of work. Emotionally processing the soup of human emotion and then working towards more harmony, peace, calm and love. Somewhat ironic that my work on others to be more balanced, calm and peaceful results in my body being more impulsive, loopy, and dysregulated.

I am fortunate to have a support system that trusts me, and creates room for all of what I need and want to accomplish. Rather than force their social, societal, or beliefs about the world on me, they empower my point of view and make opportunities for me to dive deeper into that which develops my interests and gifts.

Where can you create space and allow those in your life to flourish and be who they are meant to be?


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