So nice to be 100% myself

I am having a very good month.  So much has become clear about how I should fulfill on my mission.   I need to stay focused on joyfully being an example of love and purposefulness.

I am very interested in being productive and learning new things.  I have a long list of projects and beautiful list of friends to correspond with, only it is too much for us to focus on all at once.

My priorities are to learn fast about all things spiritual.  I am not talking religion, but that from which religion comes.  Under each religion lies traditions that honour love and being kind to each other.

I want to learn what is central to all religions, and thus every human.  It is that which will create a foundation to heal that world.

Love is both a wise and a powerful force, but when misused it can be dangerous.  Like willfully being righteous that your religious practices are better than someone else’s.

How about we be our best human 100% selves when we honour each other’s choices and let each other be true to ourselves.  Totally can’t understand how being right is more important than being loving to others.

Try, this week, to choose love.

All my love and a 100% caring of the world’s future –


I love my life!

I am in love with my life.

Just so grateful for calling on my family to be creative and 100% resourceful.  They are so fulfilled when they are thinking creatively.  I am happy to be responsible for other’s joy.

Only a beautiful heart feels special when they are just being of service.  I love being of service myself, so can relate to why my family and team have so much joy.

My mommy thrives on making a difference.  My daddy thrives on being a 100% big kid. All my supportive friends and doctors be fulfilled in helping me be my best.

Look where you can be of service to another, and I promise the act of being of service will bring you joy.


Don’t underestimate your children

I worry about the other children who don’t have 100% speedy and joyful beautiful mommies like mine.

More and more I notice the tone of messages written 100% with 45% love and 55% negative thoughts that parents are feeling.  Joy is missing in dealing with the hardships associated with having a child on the autism spectrum.  I am proof that a positive outlook, focusing on self-advocacy and belief allow for growth that is exponential.

Always looking for calling 100% on ability and support rather than what a child can’t do and trying to fix it, is a happy recipe for growth.

My mommy 100% is happy when creating a totally non-judgmental safe supportive environment that allows me, and other kids, to shine.

Your always joyfully 100% supported,


Photo of the winner of Game of Life (Jordyn) playing with his Dad & buddy Jake,  feigning upset at losing.

My Mom is one woman and 100% angel

I’ve said this before, my Mommy is a rock.

Loving and generous, yet so strong and powerful.

No one sacrifices more than her.  She 100% does it from love for her family and friends.  I have yet to meet anyone as selfless as her.

I get the privilege to grow up with her as an example of what makes a beautiful human being.

20 year calm,
30 year zen,
40 year fun,
50 year strong,
60 year joyful
looks different than you would suspect.

You see, Mom is those things when she is making a difference for others 100%.

Like Mommy has been my champion for my self-expression, I am hers for her making a difference.  You get the benefits of her generous listening.

May she forever be making a difference in all our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day all you moms out there.

Yours in gratitude and love –


No one can help you be great

I met with MPP Sylvia Jones on Friday.  Even though I feeling awful I went.

Only because my mission is so important did I make myself go.  You can’t expect others to do your work for you.

I made my case for MPP Jones to hear.  I told her that many students are languishing without a method of communication that works for them.  To be able to communicate is a right all human beings have  and it is up to the schools to adapt.  My intention is to be totally honest with her about what it feels like to go without, so she can get inspired to make change happen.

I was a straight shooter with her.  My parents added where necessary due to the meeting length.

I hope I made an impression.  You just never really know.  We will keep following up with her.

I would love your input, my non-speaking friends.  What would you like to see in schools?  How would your education be improved if they allowed you to communicate by a method that works for you?

So please write me what your thoughts are so I can follow up with MPP Jones this week.

Your advocate,


Only in my wildest dreams

Today I am sick again.  So tired and achy.  It takes all my energy to be able to talk on my letter board.

You just need to be my base of operations for love on the planet today.  I haven’t got the spare energy to spread around.

I am blessed to have you following me and my mission, as you can pick up my slack and keep forging ahead.

Never in my wildest dreams, when I was without access to communication, could I have envisioned that so many would be interested in what I have to say.

Thank you for your support and your love.

Totally grateful,