I am an impulsive mess

I am having a hard week controlling my body and impulses.  I have been limiting working with mommy because I don’t want to hurt her.

My stomach is very sore and wiggly due to the parasites I live with.  I want them all gone.

Because of my liver* I think it is hard for mommy and doctors to know how to help me without hurting me.  Only I want a parasite free life.

You may not understand what this feels like, but trust me it really impacts my ability to control myself.

If you have ideas that we could run by the liver doctors I would appreciate you sending them.

I hope by next week, after the New Moon is over and I’ve had a BIE session, I will feel better.


*Jordyn is referring to his advanced cirrhosis, portal hypertension and an enlarged spleen resulting from Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Not able to be fully here

My mommy went out of town this weekend to learn how to better help me and other non-speakers to communication with spelling on letter boards.

Both when she goes away short or long periods of time, I feel less grounded to my body.  I have no anchor.

Do you ever feel like you are not connected to your body?
You may experience this when you are falling asleep or meditating.

Can you imaging that feeling for days?
Can feeling that do one good for extended periods of time when wanting to interact with the world?

Would you be able to function 100% if you were not in control of your body?

Only when mommy is here do I feel in my body.

I know she is away doing good 100%, but for me to be here 100% I need my rock.


I am totally caring and too sensitive

In front of my Poppy’s residence I feel all the emotions of the residents.  They range from only sadness to mild depression with some happiness and excitement mixed in.

I just want to run through the halls gleefully to being more happiness to the place.

Yet, I know that it is only temporary.  I can bring a smile for a brief time before despondent ways of thinking creep back in.

How can I help these caring people with having a purpose?  Having a purpose helps people feel fulfilled and useful.

I want to do a talk for them, to give them ideas about how they could contribute to people by sharing their wisdom and life stories.

No one should have to be alone and afraid like some of them are.  I want them to know I value their wisdom and life.

I think mom and I could really help them.  I will create a project around this.

“No dear souls left unloved” sounds like a good name.

I can’t wait to get started.


Just happy to feel better

As you know, I have been feeling quite tired.

After exhausting conventional allopathic medicine to fix me and supporting me with naturopathic treatments, Mommy requested support from Dr. Michael Roth.

Dr. Roth talks to Mommy and I, then uses muscle testing to figure out what is wrong.
Then he uses his gift and thanks the creator and asks for healing energy.

During and after our session I could feel the connection to him and spirit energy.  I went from 60% energy to 95% energy over 2 days.

My mommy was so thankful for answers that aligned with what we suspected to be the cause of the exhaustion.

This is not the first time Dr. Roth has made a significant difference for Mom & I, and it won’t be the last.