I always want to love people

I am very angelic in nature.  I understand that is hard for some to believe.

My way of communicating, is sometimes based in my body, occurring like aggression to the observer.  I can’t control how my body expresses feelings.

Internally I am calm and happy, but on the outside I am totally smushing my mommy’s face and grunting evilly and pinching her.

I gain more control each day, however there are many outside forces that affect my body.  Listing them would be futile as they change in effect often.  For example, the new moon can make my body feverish, but this last new moon I was fine.  Pinning down cause and effect is nearly impossible.

My mommy is constantly on a search for things that could make my body into a 100% love machine.  My footbath, magnetic mat, Chiropractic appointments, Osteopath appointments, Anat Baniel Method lessons, Spiral Movement classes, HANDLE activities, diet, and yoga all help me with being a more calm and dearly nice body on the outside.

I strive to have my outer appearance match the cool and calm interior, so everyone can experience my love.

Your support and calm energy are always welcomed.




9 thoughts on “I always want to love people

  1. Jordyn, we met at the One of a Kind Show before Christmas, and I explained needle felting to you. I am a friend of your mom’s (we went to university together). After you and I met, I thought I might check out your blog, and since I have been following the blog for almost 2 months I just want to say thank you. Your posts really help me to understand not only you, but people in general, and help me to become a better person. Keep writing. We are listening (reading). And learning. Thank you.


  2. Wendy Edwards

    Jordyn – once again (every blog this happens) you have blown me away with your clear and concise way of sharing with the world what it is like to be you. Keep it up. I just LOVE reading your messages!!



  3. Regan Pourchot

    Hi Jordyn,
    My son Jake has told me so much about you. I just watched your documentary and learned a lot about you and what Jake does as well. It was excellent! Thanks for sharing your journey and I look forward to updates.
    Regan (Jake’s dad)


  4. Mohammed

    Thanks Jordyn
    Youre documentary is wonderful . As i promissed you i have started reading your posts. Keep it up & i wish you the best in life.


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