We need inclusiveness in autism community ALWAYS

It is crazy how divided the autism community is.  Almost a mirror image of the world and the divisiveness regarding religious beliefs and war.  I wish we could just all have the wherewithal to ACCEPT and INCLUDE each other.

Mommy brings so many wonderful and special skills to the table, but due to a misinterpretation of something I wrote (in a blog not posted in any group) has been unjoined from a Facebook group.  A group where she both contributed and received helpful advice that impacts kids like me.

A really poor model of acceptance and inclusion if you ask me.

Mom was her gracious and accepting self in the face of no acceptance or communication.  She discovered she had been unjoined, no courtesy of a communication was afforded her.  We wonder why the community, and frankly, the world is as it is when people can’t communicate and choose to make summary judgments of others without first stepping into their world to see their perspective.  This obviously needs to stop.

We are stronger together – sharing our experiences, our victories and defeats – without judgement and with curiosity and interest.

Where can you allow more curiosity in your life?  Where can you strip off the blinders and filters of what you think is right?  What will you investigate without judgement today?

Thank you for being willing to step out of our comfort zone.  We autistics do it every moment of everyday at your request, your turn!



5 thoughts on “We need inclusiveness in autism community ALWAYS

  1. Antonette

    Wow Jordyn. You just blew my mind away. Not just your important thoughts on inclusion, but also about stepping out of the comfort zone. Truly insightful. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Christie

    We are stronger together Jordyn. You keep your head up – your mom is strong and resilient in the wake of others insecurities and divisiveness. It will all be ok. You be you!

    Liked by 1 person

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